A Formula for Your Success

Your success in attracting or creating what you want in your life depends on a number of factors. The first and most important is figuring out exactly what you really want. This is focus of much of my work and of future posts.

I like to use a success formula with clients to help clarify where their energy is best spent in order to keep moving ahead toward creating the life they really want.

The formula is this: Success = Intention + Attention + Focus + Action + Persistence.

Take a moment to reflect on this formula. What does your intuition tell you about where you need to focus right now?

live every day with intentionWhat are your intentions? Intention refers to a powerful inner alignment with the external goal. Is this a goal that you *really* want, or is it one you think you *should* want? For example, if you have chosen fitness and weight loss as your goal, take some time to reflect on your intention here.  Your reasons for selecting this goal are critical to attaining it. Are you fully aligned or is this a “should” for you?

attentionAttention please. What’s distracting you from achieving this goal? Is this truly the right goal for you, or are there other achievements that are more meaningful for you right now? Are the distractions noisy and urgent (in which case they are best ignored) or are they truly important? If the latter, you might need to re-consider your goal. Perhaps there’s something more important on which to focus your energy.

Laser-like focus. People who achieve their goals remain relentlessly focused on them, despite distractions and interruptions. Focus is determined by the priority you assign to your goal. Scheduling specific time each day to take the necessary steps toward realizing your goal is a way to ensure priority. A deadline for achieving the goal creates a sense of urgency and sharpens your focus.

persistencePersistence.  In any large undertaking, there is a lull or a low-energy phase. This is where persistence becomes critical. An important distinction here is the difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation is more about pushing yourself towards an end result and connotes effort. Inspiration starts with a compelling personal vision that pulls you forward and naturally inspires you. Persisting is easier when your goal intrinsically inspires you. 

When you have exhausted all the possibilities, remember this: you haven’t. (Thomas Edison)

make a dentAnd….Action. Taking action, any action, is an important success ingredient. Using the “critical inch” approach is very effective: what’s the next, small, critical step you need to take toward your goal? Breaking down large goals into small, discrete actions makes them tangible and keeps you moving forward. Sometimes the next step is very small but one that could make all the difference.  Taking action is inherently rewarding: each step forward naturally inspires you to take the next step.

I wish you you big success in what’s really important for you!

I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.    (Jonathan Winters)


Consider the changes you want to make in your life right now or the goals you have set for yourself. Which component of the Success Formula do you need to focus on this week? What’s the first, smallest step for you to take?

Resources You Can Use

Ever Wonder (ask questions and live the answers) by Kobi YamadaEver-Wonder-by-Kobi-Yamada-P721-03

A generous client sent me this wonderful book. I have opened it randomly to a page each morning and it continues to inspire me. Each beautifully designed new page asks a thought-provoking question. I recommend this resource for anyone who is inspired by deep inquiry. The book and other inspiring items are found at www.compendiuminc.com

One Small Step Can Change your Life: The Kaizen Way, by Robert Maurer


A powerfully simple approach to getting started, on, well, pretty much anything. Start with the smallest possible step and see what happens.