Founded in 1993 as a specialized consultancy, Panacea Canada has also offered success coaching services since 2000 and more recently, specialized coaching services focused on recovery from addictions.

Our consulting focus includes facilitation, organizational effectiveness and strategic planning. We thrive on projects that deconstruct complex, challenging issues and create effective solutions for our clients. At Panacea Canada we are fearless facilitators and experienced coaches.

Our addiction recovery and coaching services help our clients to clarify where they are today, where they want to be and how to get there. In other words, we support our clients in finding their Right Next Thing. Clients come to us with a variety of challenges and issues ranging from recovery from an addiction to charting a successful transition into a new career.

Profile: Karen Graham

Karen is a skilled, experienced consultant and coach with expertise in recovery from addictions. Her overall objective is to be a catalyst for your success through outstanding, client-driven services.

Karen enjoyed a successful career prior to founding Panacea in 1993, with milestones that include:

  • Managing a national professional relations portfolio for a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Consulting in hospital pharmacy management at the Ontario Hospital Association
  • Directing a pharmacy department at a large community hospital
  • Providing clinical pharmacy services to patients and other health care providers at a teaching hospital

Karen is:

  • A consultant, skilled and knowledgeable in strategic planning, facilitation, issues management and governance
  • Skilled in consensus building, strategic thinking, strategic issues analysis and management
  • Knowledgeable about the Canadian Health Care System at micro and macro levels
  • Passionate about effective governance, has served on several Boards of Directors and holds a certificate in Health Services Governance
  • A professional coach with two years of post-graduate training
  • An addiction recovery specialist, with one year of post-graduate training specialized in addiction treatment and prevention

Karen has been providing specialized consulting services to organizations in the healthcare space across Canada since 1993. She has delivered successfully on literally hundreds of projects for hundreds of clients. Her success is demonstrated by the many clients that return to Panacea over time, and refer us to their colleagues. She loves collaborating with clients to find clarity in complex issues. Core offerings include facilitation, strategic planning and strategic management of complex issues.

Karen coaches people to create the personal and professional lives they really want. She works with executives, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and people in career and other transitions on things like work-life balance, personal effectiveness, life purpose and career development. Her clients reflect diverse industries across North America. Karen is passionate about the value of coaching for individuals and organizations. Karen’s coaching practice has been thriving since 2000 when she completed a two-year post graduate program in coaching as a natural evolution from the consulting services she had been providing.

Karen’s private addiction recovery practice was launched in 2012, serving clients who are navigating transitions to wholeness and wellness. In a nutshell, she helps clients to clarify what’s really happening in their lives right now, and build motivation to make change so that they move toward balanced and joyful lives. Karen specializes in working with clients who are experiencing addictions to alcohol or other substances or who have other dependencies including internet and gambling.