Evolving You: Addiction Recovery

Recovering from Online Video Gaming Addiction

A video game addiction is the compulsive playing of computer or video games, to the extent that it interferes with everyday life. Some clinicians consider it a clinical impulse control disorder, in the same sense as compulsive gambling. While most people associate addiction with substances such as drugs or alcohol, clinicians recognize addictive behaviors as well. Warning signs for videogame addiction […]


Recently, my talented journalist friend Anne interviewed me for a piece she is working on about joy. This gave me an opportunity to reflect and do a little digging into what we mean by joy and where it lives. This feels particularly relevant as we head into December and its dizzying combination of commercialism and […]

What do you need to accept?

A common theme among people who are challenged to make positive changes in their lives is an inability or unwillingness to accept what is happening now or what has happened in the past. People struggling with self-defeating behaviours are often described as being in “denial”.  Acceptance is the way through denial. How does denial show […]

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