Evolving You: Coaching

Let it go

In my work with clients, the concept of “letting it go” comes up frequently. A tricky one. And one that can make a huge difference in our energy, clarity and happiness. Hanging on to pretty much anything, especially something that no longer serves us, connotes effort, grasping and striving. Letting go gives us a feeling […]

Cool Gift Idea

This year, several of my clients are giving coaching sessions as gifts to friends and family. Perhaps you know someone who is embarking on a big change, wrestling with a challenge, figuring out their right next thing, craving balance in their life, or growing their leadership skills. Perhaps this might even be a great gift […]


Recently, my talented journalist friend Anne interviewed me for a piece she is working on about joy. This gave me an opportunity to reflect and do a little digging into what we mean by joy and where it lives. This feels particularly relevant as we head into December and its dizzying combination of commercialism and […]

A Formula for Your Success

Your success in attracting or creating what you want in your life depends on a number of factors. The first and most important is figuring out exactly what you really want. This is focus of much of my work and of future posts. I like to use a success formula with clients to help clarify […]

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