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Keeping it Simple at a Complicated Time of Year

For many people, this is a difficult time of year. Expectations around the holidays are often unrealistic – everyone should be happy and merry and bright and stuff.  Regardless of how the holiday season is for you, perhaps the best approach is to keep everything simple. In that spirit, here is a short list of […]

Tap into your inner wisdom

One of the things I like the most about being a coach is seeing clients find clarity and make choices based on what they already know. While I never know what the client’s answer might be, I am always confident that the client can find it. My role is to help them shift perspective, see […]

Get Back Here!

During particularly busy times, (and when are they otherwise?) especially when we are feeling overwhelmed, it helps to remember that we are most effective when we are fully present. We can only be truly effective in this moment. Often, though, there are so many things competing for our attention that it feels impossible to sort through them […]

Life is Perfect

In our lives, everything is perfect, just as it is. Last month, I mused on the perils of perfection and urged readers to focus instead on progress. This month I have a few things to say about how life is perfect, exactly the way it is. Especially when we want it to be different. Many of […]

Be Kind to Yourself

The benefits of self-kindness and compassion are many and significant. Many of us have critical tapes of self-condemnation running in our heads on what feels like an endless loop. They serve no purpose and leave us feeling “less than”. The origin of these thoughts I will leave to Dr. Freud and his friends to figure […]

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