Right Next Thing

Right Next Thing: Picture Your Right Next Thing

When making a transition to what you really want, it’s helpful to have a clear, detailed picture of what that Right Next Thing will look like. One way to dig into the details is to imagine an ideal day and notice everything you can about this day. Try to visualize this day and notice all […]

Right Next Thing: Perfect Your Present Thing

It’s always a good idea to move on to your Right Next Thing from a high point in the current one. Whether you are considering making a change in your career, home, relationship, location… any aspect of your life, a powerful place to start is to make your present thing perfect. Perfect here is in the […]

Finding your right next thing: how is your energy

Your Right Next Thing awaits you at the end of some kind of transition. As with all transitions in life, you will need energy, persistence, focus, intention, attention, drive, resilience, and did I mention energy? Our energy waxes and wanes in direct proportion to how well we take care of ourselves. I notice that this […]

Right Next Thing: Do Not Stay in a Job You Don’t Like

I am a big fan of Eric Barker, whose entertaining and thought-provoking blog, Barking up the Wrong Tree, delivers a wonderful blend of current thinking and research each week. His recent post highlights advice for the young from the old(er). Researchers at Cornell University interviewed nearly 1500 people aged 70+ and by far the most […]

Right Next Thing: What’s Next for You?

Right Next Thing is a service for people who are trying to figure out what’s next for them in any aspect of their lives. There are many twists and turns, many forks in every human’s path, each of which can spark a reflection on what’s next: Do I leave this job? If so, what’s next? […]

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