Strategic Issues Management

Are you looking for support and expertise in managing a complex issue facing your team or organization? Do you need to include multiple competing interests and disparate stakeholders in the issue’s resolution? Are you looking for a robust process resulting in positive outcomes and ultimately, consensus?

Panacea is experienced in Strategic Issues Management and has delivered on numerous projects that have the following components:

  • Complex issue that is affecting the organizations ability to move forward
  • Need for consultation with diverse internal and external stakeholders
  • Engagement of thought leaders and decision-makers
  • Clarity in identifying the nature and scope of the issue
  • Clarity in identifying the nature and range of possible solutions
  • Strategic, longer-term approach
  • Facilitated discussion resulting in consensus
  • Clear recommendations for action

Panacea combines several core competencies, including coaching, facilitation and strategic thinking to deliver on strategic issues management projects for diverse clients.