Right Next Thing: What’s Next for You?

Right Next Thing is a service for people who are trying to figure out what’s next for them in any aspect of their lives. There are many twists and turns, many forks in every human’s path, each of which can spark a reflection on what’s next:

Do I leave this job? If so, what’s next?

Do I start my own business? If so, where do I start starting?

Do I apply for the promotion? If so, how do I know it’s what I really want?

Do I accept that offer? If so, how do I know it will be a good fit for me?

Do I move to the country? Stay in the city? Move across the planet?

Do I write that novel/screenplay/self-help book? If so, where do I start?

You get the idea.

In each of these reflections, there are any number of Next Things. The tricky bit is in finding the Right Next Thing. My intention with this blog is to provide insights, tools and resources to support your reflections at various transition points in your life and perhaps act as a catalyst to the discovery of your Right Next Thing.

A Heartfelt Thank You and Acknowledgement to Jan Van der Hoop of HiringSmart for the ideas and inspiration underpinning this blog and the launch of this service. Jan’s company offers amazing support, tools and resources for employers who want to hire the right people into the right seats. These employees would, by definition, have found their Right Next Thing.

Thanks Jan!