Strategic Planning Session for National Health Professional Association

PlanningThis client engaged Panacea Canada to create an effective three-year strategic plan based on a robust environment scan that collected and assimilated information and opinion from a wide array of internal and external stakeholders. Background input also included several relevant reports and documents, such as results of a Members Survey.

Success hinged on a well-designed and facilitated day that engaged participants and ensured best use of available time. This required a seasoned facilitator who inspired active engagement of all participants, maintained focus on topics, managed tangents with tact, and guided discussions using small group and plenary processes.

Project Milestones

  1. In-depth environment scan that gathered information and opinion from approximately 50 individuals and organizations. The scan combined a mix of survey and interview methods.
  2. Background briefing document that assimilated environment scan with other relevant client materials and described the strategic planning framework and desired planning day outcomes
  3. Development, in close consultation with the client of a detailed facilitation strategy to produce desired outcomes.
  4. Facilitation of a very successful planning day that engaged almost 40 participants in focused, meaningful discussions
  5. Assimilation of discussions and background materials into a draft Strategic Plan including Vision, Key Strategic Areas and Strategic Goals.
  6. Support for the planning group in reviewing and polishing the draft Strategic Plan.
  7. Providing consultation on tactical planning including Objectives, Action Plans and Performance Indicators

Excerpts from Planning Session Evaluations

Almost 40 people attended and evaluated the planning session. Evaluations were very positive, here are some excerpts:

As a facilitator, Karen was kindness and pleasantness meets ruthless competence — she was so good. Very effective yet a delight to be around.

Karen was a great facilitator. Perceived when the group was “struggling” and used other strategies to move the discussion along. I appreciated that she stopped conversation when it wasn’t progressing.

Painlessly facilitated the large group through a difficult process

Great experience –open group and respectful discussion… everyone had a chance to be heard and lots was accomplished

Excellent facilitation – concise, clear instructions, great clarification when needed