Young mom-entrepreneur in early recovery, Ontario

I came to Karen at the point of what was ‘bottom’ for me. A big, full life with a husband, three children, career, and many sporting and extracurricular activities had all caught up with me. I had been coping for four years by numbing my pain, resentments, frustrations and even joys with alcohol. I had become an alcoholic and my life was out of control.

I chose Karen because her services were focused on both addiction and success coaching. Over the course of six months, Karen has guided me through the pain and emptiness of a life spent as an adult child of an alcoholic, my mother. During childhood, love was only given conditionally, depending on the day, which kept me stuck in a cycle of people-pleasing, relentlessly pursuing perfection and never feeling quite right. Not to mention self-loathing for now being an alcoholic myself in my early forties.

Karen’s compassion, patience and constant strength never failed me. It has been unconditional. Her tool kit is full of words, thoughts, theories and action plans to work your own program to freedom. The resources she has referred me to include books, websites, people and even AA itself. Today I am still in recovery, but I am peaceful and happy for the first time in my life.